Chaplaincy Journeys at CSS

The Swedenborgian tradition envisions the “Church Universal” as the church outside the walls, the Church within and among each of us. Chaplaincy offers a ministry to the Church Universal, people who hunger for spiritual comfort and hope—people in hospitals, prisons, hospice care, the military, schools, and care homes. For this reason, many Swedenborgian ministers participate in chaplaincy in one way or another.

The Center for Swedenborgian Studies is uniquely suited to journey with those who wish to pursue a career in chaplaincy from a Swedenborgian ministry perspective. The Swedenborgian Church of North America is a recognized endorsing body for chaplaincy, providing clergy and candidates for ordination the needed ecclesiastical endorsement for board certification. CSS, as the theological school affiliated with the SCNA, provides its students with opportunities for support in preparation for chaplaincy. Through its connection to the Graduate Theological School, our students can benefit from the Certificate in Interreligious Chaplaincy and related faculty resources and programming. We also draw support from a network of Swedenborgian chaplains, including an advisory committee made up of chaplains prepared to advise and mentor our students.

Chaplaincy Advisory Committee