Ministry Paths

The Center for Swedenborgian Studies provides the educational foundation for those seeking consecrated leadership in the Swedenborgian Church of North America (SCNA), also known as General Convention. Prospective leaders pursue one of two paths: ordination into the ministry of the denomination or Licensed Pastor status for a specific congregation.

Ordination into the Ministry
Our Certificate of Swedenborgian Ministry Studies is designed for individuals on the ordination track and includes a seven-course program that covers Swedenborgian theology, church history, biblical studies and practical disciplines. It is designed for both those in-residence and those studying at a distance. The Certificate compliments the other requirements for ordination, which include a Masters degree from an accredited theological school. CSS has partnerships with a number of schools who offer credit for our certificate courses. Individuals who are ordained in another denomination and seek induction into the SCNA are also required to complete the Certificate of Swedenborgian Ministry Studies.

Licensed Pastor Consecration
Licensed Pastor status allows a member of an SCNA congregation to be recognized as a consecrated leader of their individual church for a limited period of time. Those interested in the program apply in partnership with their congregation and participate in a series of training modules followed by a program of continuing education that lasts for the duration of their leadership position.

Prospective candidates for ordination, induction, or Licensed Pastor status should contact and the Chair of the denomination’s Committee on Admission to the Ministry for more information about the process.