Rev. James Lawrence, PhD

James Lawrence

Rev. James F. Lawrence, PhD, DMin, is Dean Emeritus of the Center for Swedenborgian Studies and Faculty Associate in Spirituality and Director of the Doctor of Ministry degree program at Pacific School of Religion and also core doctoral faculty. He served urban, suburban, and rural churches in congregational leadership for seventeen years before returning to the academy to lead the Swedenborgian seminary program for twenty-one years. Long active in publishing ministries, he has contributed as publisher, editor, or author to more than 200 works and is currently President of the Swedenborgian Church of North America.

Selected Publications:

“A World Apart: The American Antislavery Issue,” in The Moment is Now: Carl Bernhard Wadström’s Revolutionary Voice on Human Trafficking and the Abolition of the African Slave Tradeed, ed. Anders Hallengren (West Chester, PA: Swedenborg Foundation Press, 2019).

“Correspondentia: A Neologism in Aquinas Attains its Zenith in Swedenborg,” in Correspondences: Journal for the Study of Esotericism, v. 5. (2017).

Principles in Play: Essays in Honor of George Dole’s Contributions to Swedenborgian Thought, editor. (Berkeley: Studia Swedenborgiana Press, 2010).

“Swedenborgian Spirituality,” in The New Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, ed. Philip Sheldrake, 605-607 (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2005).

Online Publications:

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